Clarion Partners
Coronavirus Response


As the world continues to monitor and manage the coronavirus pandemic, Clarion Partners’ highest priority remains the safety and stability of our employees, clients, tenants, and business partners. Our Crisis Management Committee has been meeting regularly to review and share all guidance from health agencies around the globe as we strive to maintain a safe and functional work environment and help mitigate the risks to our community broadly.

Clarion Partners maintains rigorous risk management and businesscontinuity procedures for situations just like this. We have tested those systems and have taken all appropriate steps to position us to maintain the continuity of our business operations with little to no disruption of client service.

In an effort to protect the health of our employees, we are transitioning to a work-remotely status beginning Monday, March 16. All employees will have secure access to our network and conduct business as usual. Our Crisis Management Committee will actively monitor conditions during these trying times and adjust our approach as necessary.

Our offices will remain accessible for essential functions as needed, but there will be no in-person meetings held. We will instead rely on conference call or videoconference, and we appreciate your flexibility as we seek to avoid putting our employees or you at risk.

While we had previously restricted travel to CDC Level 3 and Level 2 countries, we have now banned any non-essential domestic and international business travel for all Clarion Partners employees. All personal travel to high-risk jurisdictions must be reported to our Human Resource department with the further understanding that self-quarantine may be required upon return.

The Clarion portfolio managers will remain in regular contact with our asset managers, who likewise are working with our third-party property managers and partners to provide ongoing guidance documents to tenants regarding additional precautions implemented at any given property.

While the risks and long-term impacts of coronavirus are hard to quantify and change day-to-day, we believe that the measures we are taking will help to protect everyone’s wellbeing.

As always, thank you for your understanding and for your ongoing partnership with Clarion Partners. We will continue to keep you informed as circumstances evolve.



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