The Three Rs of Dividends – ClearBridge Dividend Strategy Portfolios

The three Rs of dividends

ClearBridge Dividend Strategy Portfolios is designed to provide investors with income growth and long-term capital appreciation by targeting risk management, total return possibility and rising dividends potential.


Risk management

A time-tested approach to managing risk, with the goal of reducing the Portfolios’ volatility.


Total return possibility

Income growth is an important component of the Portfolios’ total return, and a key to staying ahead of rising costs.


Rising dividends potential

A disciplined process is used to identify high-quality companies with expectations of increasing their dividend payouts.


Dividend Expertise

The investment team believes that companies that exhibit market leadership, coupled with solid balance sheets and strong dividend profiles, are attractive investment candidates for the long-term investor.

Diversified sector exposure

  • Our actively managed Portfolios include broad low-turnover exposure to well-known names across a wide variety of sectors.

Dedicated to seeking income

  • An independent, active approach gives portfolio managers the freedom to pursue companies with rising dividends.

Seasoned active management

  • Veteran portfolio managers draw on over 90 years of collective investment wisdom.


ClearBridge Dividend Strategy Portfolios

Invests in dividend-paying "blue-chip" companies to offer a singular combination of income growth and capital appreciation

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ClearBridge Dividend Strategy Portfolios may be a solution for risk-averse investors who are looking for additional income from a seasoned management team.

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Separately Managed Accounts (SMAs) are investment services provided by Legg Mason Private Portfolio Group, LLC (LMPPG), a federally registered investment advisor. Client portfolios are managed based on investment instructions or advice provided by one or more of the following Legg Mason-affiliated sub-advisers: ClearBridge Investments, LLC and Western Asset Management Company. Management is implemented by LMPPG, the designated sub-advisor or, in the case of certain programs, the program sponsor or its designee.

All investments involve risk, including loss of principal and there is no guarantee that investment objectives will be met. 

Investments may be made in small- and mid-cap companies, which involve a higher degree of risk and volatility than investments in large-cap companies. 

While most investments are in U.S. companies, investments may also be made in ADRs and other securities of non-U.S. companies in developed and emerging markets which involve risks in addition to those ordinarily associated with investing in domestic securities, including the potentially negative effects of currency fluctuation, political and economic developments, foreign taxation and differences in auditing and other financial standards. These  risks are magnified in emerging markets. 

Limited investments also may be made in non-dividend paying stocks that are not expected to pay a dividend in the near future. 

The managers may sometimes hold significant portions of portfolio assets in cash equivalents while waiting for buying opportunities. 

Active management does not ensure gains or protect against market declines.

Diversification does not guarantee a profit or protect against loss.