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Alternative investments have risk and return characteristics different from traditional stocks and bonds – making them efficient levers for investors targeting investment outcomes such as enhancing returns, managing risk or diversifying exposures.

Given the highly specialized nature of these strategies,  Legg Mason believes it's important to partner with an established manager with the appropriate experience, resources and vision.



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* Source: Legg Mason, as of September 30, 2018.
** Experience based on founding years of investment affiliates.
Alternative investments such as real assets, private investments and derivatives are subject to risk, that may disproportionately increase losses, and have a potentially large impact on portfolio performance. Outcomes are not guaranteed.




Legg Mason’s Alternative Solutions - Real Assets, Private Investments and a diverse range of Alternative Strategies.



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Recognize the Opportunity

The expanding alternatives investment universe and an informed approach to strategy selection offer flexibility. 


Alternative asset classes, structures and strategies enable investors to address specific financial goals through investments that may be nuanced and relatively hard to access by individual investors.


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Real estate, infrastructure, commodities and MLPs may serve as diversifiers, income plays and potential inflation hedges.


Alternative Investment Structures

Traditional asset classes in non-traditional structures, such as private equity and credit, which may be available only to certain investors.


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Dynamic integration of an expanded toolkit of financial instruments and investment techniques targeting a variety of outcomes.




Explore the Outcomes

Alternatives may improve the risk-return profile of a traditional portfolio.


Most investors are familiar with the concept of diversifying within and across the three traditional asset classes — stocks, bonds and cash.

Today’s market environment, however, poses risks that may call for a higher degree of diversification, given elevated valuations, hard-to-predict political risks and the high-profile policy moves of central banks. That makes it imperative to consider how solutions with potentially lower correlations to traditional holdings can enable investors to target additional sources of returns, mitigate market volatility and focus on specific investor needs.



“Legg Mason has expanded its Alternatives platform consistently through the years. Our investment managers offer specialized capabilities across a range of asset classes, structures and strategies. Each investment team operates with independent thinking to help deliver investment solutions for both individuals and institutions.”
Victoria Rock, Head of Alternatives Product

Established Expertise

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With a multitude of alternative products in the marketplace, it is important to partner with an established manager with the experience, resources and vision appropriate to these sophisticated solutions.


Navigate together with Legg Mason the spectrum of alternative investments.


We are passionate about delivering high-quality investment solutions to help you achieve your investment goals. Legg Mason's alternatives platform has an expansive footprint and investment expertise to deliver differentiated alternative solutions. Legg Mason and its investment affiliates are committed to offering innovative solutions across multiple asset classes and investment outcomes.

We are here to guide you through your journey and answer any questions you may have.


IMPORTANT INFORMATION: All investments involve risk, including loss of principal. Past performance is no guarantee of future results. Please see each product's web page for specific details regarding investment objective, risks, performance and other important information. Review this information carefully before you make any investment decision.

Carefully consider a fund's investment objectives, risks, charges and expenses before investing. Please view the prospectus or summary prospectus for this and other information. Read it carefully.

FINANCIAL ADVISORS: Please note that not all share classes may be available for sale at your firm. Please call the Legg Mason Sales Desk 1-800-822-5544 or your Legg Mason Sales contact for more information.