Position your portfolio for recovery while recognizing the risks still looming in the markets.

Updated as of July 23, 2020

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The Case for Calm: Get the Facts

The bumpy ride in stocks this year is a reminder that market declines are a natural part of investment cycles.

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Featured Insight

Strengthen Your Investment Portfolio

Take steps now to maintain income and total return amid the uncertainty created by COVID-19. 

Persistent volatility is a major concern for investors now, given continuing uncertainty about the state of public health and the global economy.

“We have never before experienced anything like COVID-19…as [Fed Chair] Powell has said, forecasts in this environment are practically useless. As investors, how are we to advance through the fog?

                                                                      -- Ken Leech, Chief Investment Officer, Western Asset

It’s a perfect storm for anxious investors who wonder if they should shift money around to prepare for a worst-case scenario.

Of course, in investing, we may never know the future, but we can prepare for it. That’s why we make long-term plans – to have portfolios that can take us through market volatility, as well as periods of gain.

So before you abandon any plan, first revisit your goals, since these are the foundation of any well-considered investment strategy. Has the COVID crisis changed those goals?  You may find that they remain unchanged.

If you do want to adjust your portfolio, reach out to your financial professional for advice. And take advantage of a mix of active and passive strategies – which together provide opportunity for alpha as well as a baseline for the broad market.

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Learning from the Lessons of  Time

The COVID-19 crisis is serious, but US stocks have ultimately overcome many serious challenges since the 70’s. Explore our exclusive “Lessons of Time” page for help seeing beyond the current panic.

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Anatomy of a Recession

Our Recession Risk dashboard is flashing red, showing a pullback already under way.  Check out our new Recovery Dashboard for the indicators needed to trigger a lasting economic expansion.

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COVID-19 is the World Health Organization's official designation of the current novel coronavirus disease. The virus causing the novel coronavirus disease is known as SARSCoV-2.

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