The Benefits of Active Management: The Power of Choice

Active + Passive: A Natural Pair

Active and passive, though often talked about as opposites, are in some ways quite complementary. Consider the limitations inherent in index strategies. They provide broad market exposure, but leave investors exposed to the possibility of price declines. And as we’ve seen since the financial crisis, big changes in the macro environment can introduce unexpected concentration risks in traditional benchmarks.

Active strategies, on the other hand, are well placed to address these issues. In declining markets, they may reallocate assets away from risk, and can make adjustments when the macro environment appears uncertain.  What’s more, they can take advantage of short-term mispricing to generate incremental gains.  

Given their complementary traits, a portfolio that combines active and passive offers tantalizing possibilities.  The key is to find a balance that reflects an investor’s goals and which leverages the strengths of both approaches. In addition, it’s important that the active strategies selected are truly active – that they differ significantly from available index strategies – or the investor won’t reap the potential benefit of diversifying between the two styles. 


The Choice is Yours

Legg Mason’s diverse line-up of investment managers can help you pursue your goals with active strategies designed to address a wide range of needs.  From traditional equity and core bond funds to unconstrained and multi-asset solutions, we provide a level of choice that few other asset managers can match.  Whether you are an investor or a financial professional, check the links below to learn more about how we can make active work for you and your portfolio.

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