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Behavioral Building Blocks

QS Investors solves for investment outcomes by building on insights into investor behavior that can add value across asset classes. The result is a comprehensive set of model portfolios — available with and without alternatives — that are based on QS Investors' global perspective on capital markets and expertise examining complex market dynamics.


Multi-Asset Perspective

Not all ideas work all of the time. Our models diversify across markets, factors and asset classes, while seeking to manage overall risk and limit downside capture.

Investment "Trendencies"

By filtering out investment “noise”, QS strives for a deep understanding of human tendencies to identify investable trends where data supports true, long-term value.

Systematic and Adaptive

Systematic with an evolutionary approach. QS continually evaluates the changing market landscape through the lens of investor behavior and reposition the models accordingly.

Featured Content

Product Commentary

Monthly Tactical Update - Legg Mason Model Portfolio Series with Equity and Fixed Income

Strategic and Tactical allocations for the Equity and Fixed Income Models

Product Commentary

Monthly Tactical Update - Legg Mason Model Portfolio Series with Alternatives

Strategic and Tactical allocations for the Equity, Fixed Income and Alternatives Models


Legg Mason Asset Allocation Solutions Brochure

A brochure detailing the QS advantage and portfolio construction for the new Legg Mason Model Portfolio Series


Capabilities Guide - Legg Mason Portfolio Analytics Services

Brochure providing an overview of the services and offerings provided by the Legg Mason Portfolio Analytics Team.


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The information provided on this webpage is not a recommendation or an offer to buy or sell any security.  Illustrations are provided as alternative solutions for consideration by financial professionals and their clients only and are based on QS' proprietary outlook which takes into account certain general investment objectives, modern portfolio theory and market indicators. The hypothetical portfolios discussed are not available for investment. Legg Mason does not make recommendations or conduct suitability analysis. All investment decisions are that of the client and his/her Financial Advisor.