CEO Joe Sullivan Named Fund Leader of the Year at the 2017 Mutual Fund Awards

Recognized for focusing on the needs of investors

The Fund Leader of the Year award, which is given by the editorial teams at Fund Action and Fund Directions, is awarded to an individual who has made a key impact on their firm or the industry as a whole, through either an innovative concept, directive or product that changed the industry or helped their firm grow.

In response to recieving this award, Sullivan commented, “Investors’ needs are complex and diverse and their expectations high;  they increasingly expect to see advice and products that address a more comprehensive financial picture.  Investors expect us to understand their needs, provide guidance in an easily accessible, intuitive and cost effective manner and help them to achieve their goals.  There is no doubt that the need for asset management is greater than ever.  Industry participants that adapt, disrupt themselves and build upon those characteristics that solve creatively for these greater, increasingly complex client needs, will thrive in the asset management business of the future.  To that end, we will look to partner with our global distribution partners to help us serve investors around the world.  I want to thank everyone at Legg Mason and all of our distribution clients – this award belongs to all of you.”

We remain focused on continuing to expand choice for our clients through product innovation, translating our investment capabilities from legacy and new managers into new products and vehicles that meet evolving investor needs.
Joe Sullivan, Chairman & Chief Executive Officer


Today, consumers expect choice. And investments should be no different. That’s why we are committed to providing a wide range of investment strategies, products and vehicles – all managed by our diverse collection of independent investment managers – to help individual and institutional clients meet their goals. 

Solution Driven ETFs

As markets evolve, so do investment needs. Our ETF suite offers expanded strategies to help navigate today’s unpredictable economic environment.

Managed Accounts

Today's complex markets require new approaches- ones that can provide greater financial freedom, active management and tax control.


Asset Allocation

With ever-increasing market complexity, investors are looking for a range of asset mixes to help meet their individual investment goals.


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