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Feb 10

Japan trade: Timing trumps tee time

President Trump and Prime Minister Abe tee off; OPEC toes the line; China trade rises; Greece goes back for more.

Market Snapshot
Jan 27

Trade policy: Rumbles and grumbles

Global trade agreements are on the table as governments change hands; U.S. growth checked in as present but subdued; 恭喜发财! (Best wishes for a prosperous year!)

Market Snapshot
Jan 20

U.S. inflation: Trump's timing

Consumer prices augur well for growth for the new administration; formal Brexit talks break out; China's consumers step forward; Argentina's bonds are well-bid

Market Snapshot
Jan 06

U.S. jobs: More wages, more workers

U.S. hourly wages rose 2.9% in 2016 and underemployment dropped; the FOMC worried about excess growth, while Eurozone optimism improved.

Market Snapshot
Jan 04

Flipping the calendar

A new year brings a new twist to U.S. real estate investors; Germany's growth gathers steam, and Singapore sees a sign of smooth sailing ahead.

Market Snapshot
Dec 16

Words vs. numbers

The Fed: Disturbance in the Force

The FOMC's 25-basis-point hike roiled fixed-income markets, despite the lack of surprise. China upped – slightly – its forecast for growth next year and stepped up its campaign against real estate speculation as its bond market reacted.

Market Snapshot
Oct 14

Will France follow the UK?

Next stop: Frexit?

Will France's EU membership fall victim to presidential politics, or merely muddy the waters for the UK? China's producer prices rise, as do US retail sales.

Market Snapshot
Sep 30

A long wait until the November meeting

OPEC: Now, how to make it stick?

Saudi Arabia and Iran come to terms; U.S. and Europe improve; money market mass migration in the U.S., driven by new post-crisis regulations


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