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Apr 21

Taking it to the voters

Europe: Electoral reaction

France and the UK take their case to their voters; US growth neither thrills nor disappoints; China brings more refining capacity – and exports – to the rest of the world

Market Snapshot
Apr 13

U.S. dollar: Trending the buck

The White House reverses course on the dollar, the yuan and the Fed; Germany's economy gets in the groove; yet another twist for France's election; Saudi Arabia's latest bond offer.

Market Snapshot
Apr 07

U.S. Jobs: A Good Miss

Soft job creation in March may actually reflect economic strength rather than weakness; the Fed confronts how to shrink its swollen balance sheet; Greece's bailout lumbers on.

Market Snapshot
Mar 31

Brexit watch: And they're off...

Theresa May's government gave notice under Article 50, as Scotland and others ponder the consequences; a tailwind for U.S. earnings; U.S. inflation follows the Fed's script

Market Snapshot
Mar 24

OPEC: Oil pressure

Conflicting objectives – market share vs. price stability – keep the pressure on crude oil prices; confidence in U.S. growth is the main issue; European growth increases

Market Snapshot
Mar 17

Fed rate hike: The plot thickens

Yellen's FOMC delivers the goods; global oil proves difficult to tame; close call in the Netherlands

Market Snapshot
Mar 10

Fed vs. ECB: Two roads diverge

A post-election Fed vs. a pre-election ECB; South Korea business as unusual; a no-drama jobs report; Saudi shuts out the "shale boys"

Market Snapshot
Mar 03

The Fed: Soft signals vs. hard data

The rate hike decision at the FOMC's March meeting may be more up-for-grabs than the figures suggest; Saudi Arabia carries the weight for OPEC.

Market Snapshot
Feb 24

The Fed: How soon is "fairly soon"?

The FOMC continues its oracular pronouncements; OPEC swaps customers; Brexit fans get a hard answer; more French election shuffles

Market Snapshot
Feb 10

Japan trade: Timing trumps tee time

President Trump and Prime Minister Abe tee off; OPEC toes the line; China trade rises; Greece goes back for more.


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