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Jul 14

U.S. consumers: Not so hot

Consumers stayed cool to price rises, just as Fed Chair Janet Yellen was reconsidering her bullish stance on inflation; OPEC showed signs of fatigue by nudging its own goalposts

Market Snapshot
Jun 30

Hawks of a feather

A flock of central bankers sing the same tune; U.S. consumers keep their powder dry; France and the U.S. switch places on drilling

Market Snapshot
Jun 23

Brexit: New and improved?

The UK went to Europe with a newly humble brief; US home buyers emerged in force to confront insufficient demand; The Fed's hawks are still on the wing

Market Snapshot
Jun 16

Up and down: The Fed and crude oil

The Fed hiked its target rate, but its inflation bogey remains elusive; crude oil fell further on bulging inventories; Greece got a lifeline; formal Brexit negotiations finally begin.

Market Snapshot
Jun 09

Oil and gas: Qatar walling

Qatar's sudden exile was years in the making; Theresa May erodes her own base; US consumers leverage up; Spain's banks pass a test.

Market Snapshot
Jun 02

UK: Mayday in June

The June 8 general election could strengthen – or weaken – Theresa May's hand in managing Brexit; U.S. employment was mixed to solid last month; France's Macron has a firm grip on the country's agenda; Venezuela gets a discounted rescue

Market Snapshot
May 26

Second Time Around

With plentiful oil stocks still holding down prices, OPEC, Russia and a coalition of smaller producers agreed to extend production limits for another 9 months; world trade volume jumped higher; markets shrugged at Moody’s China’s debt downgrade.

Market Snapshot
May 19

Brazil: Who's next?

Bribery allegations engulfed Brazil President Temer, mirroring the scandal that toppled his predecessor; European exports surged, while Japan extended its GDP winning streak to a fifth quarter; U.S. manufacturing popped higher.

Market Snapshot
May 12

Gloves off

NAFTA hardball: Mexico v. USA

Mexico is playing the China card as the US seeks better terms; OPEC cries "uncle" to U.S. shale; more politics ahead for France; growth resumes for the U.S.

Market Snapshot
May 05

Looking past the quarter:

The Fed: Hawk talk

The Fed looked past a tepid Q1; April's jobs report was solid, not spectacular; Macron and Le Pen crossed swords before Sunday's election; oil and iron took a beating


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