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Oct 12

Mid-Week Bond Update

Locker-room talk lifts peso

High Yield bonds survived a second straight week of rising sovereign bond yields, which were pushed up once again by prospects of higher interest rates in the US and speculation about reduced...

Market Outlook
Oct 11

The US Aggregate Bond Index

What's Under the Hood?

Now more than ever, investors should know what’s in the leading U.S. bond index and why it can create opportunity for active fixed income managers.

Market Outlook
Oct 05

Mid-Week Bond Update

Taper Tantrum revisited?

Global High Yield and Asia-Pacific bonds were one of the very few survivors of a week that could have marked a shift in momentum: some investors are beginning to fear that the loose central bank policies...

Market Outlook
Sep 21

Central Bank Watch

Fed on hold - lessons from Japan?

The US Federal Reserve (Fed) left interest rates on hold on Wednesday, arguing that while the case for a hike has strengthened, it still needs more evidence. Could Japan’s struggles be a factor?

Market Outlook
Sep 09

Martin Currie on global equities:

World Tour

Whether in Asia, Japan, Europe or Emerging Markets, there are companies whose future prospects may be out of step with current valuations – and potential opportunities for gain as time unfolds.

Market Outlook
Aug 31

Biotech and more

Finding Value In Stocks Now

Investors who focus on US stocks' overall price level are overlooking the values available in health care and other sectors, says Evan Bauman of ClearBridge Investments.

Market Outlook
Aug 26

The yield curve:

Different This Time?

Recent flattening in the yield curve could mean the market sees something about growth and inflation ahead that policymakers don’t, notes Western Asset CIO Ken Leech.

Market Outlook
Aug 05

Unconstrained bond investing:

Not Running on Empty

Unconstrained strategies may be suitable in an environment where global growth is facing stronger headwinds, market volatility is on the rise, and challenging markets require greater flexibility. They have no formal benchmark and comprise exposures of various asset types that have differing risk budgets.

Market Outlook
Aug 01

The big picture in bonds:

Market and Strategy Update

With further accommodation from central banks likely, Western Asset CIO Ken Leech believes spread sectors should continue to offer attractive returns, with Treasuries and sovereign bonds underpinned by low rates.

Market Outlook
Jul 21

A Powerful Backdrop For Credit

Western Asset continues to be cautiously optimistic that global growth will hold up, but is cognizant that Brexit has introduced new uncertainties. Western’s central theme remains that favorable valuations, strong fundamentals and reasonable growth are a powerful backdrop for credit.


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