Build a better portfolio


Build a better portfolio

Infrastructure, essential for modern living, can also serve an integral role in helping investors reach their long-term financial goals.

» Infrastructure is everywhere, but is it in your portfolio?

» Legg Mason empowers investors through choice

» Global-listed securities, municipal bonds, MLPs


Infrastructure is the physical assets that provide an essential service to society. Roads and rail move us and the goods we buy and sell, airports bring us closer together, electric utilities light our way and communication towers allow us to stay informed and in touch—in short, infrastructure enables us to meet our daily goals.

Less realized is the important role infrastructure can play in helping investors reach their long-term investment goals. Whether it's competitive income, lower volatility, hedging against inflation or long-term diversification, there are so many ways a portfolio can benefit from an allocation to infrastructure.

At Legg Mason we aim to empower investors through choice and our investment managers RARE, Western Asset Management and ClearBridge Investments offer you distinct options to the infrastructure opportunity.

Global listed infrastructure

Much is currently made about prospects for future infrastructure investment in the U.S., but the infrastructure opportunity is truly global in nature and investment prospects exist in the here and now. RARE is focused exclusively on global listed infrastructure securities, which offer a higher level of liquidity than non-listed assets.

To learn more about the infrastructure opportunity, watch the video "Why Listed Infrastructure?" of RARE co-founder Nick Langley making the case for listed infrastructure securities and read the Q&A with Matt Bushby, RARE's Head of Global Distribution to enhance your understanding of infrastructure.


Municipal bonds: tried and true

While the involvement of private capital in financing infrastructure projects is growing, Western Asset’s Municipal Bond Team believes the primary financing option for the U.S. is likely to remain tried and true municipal bonds, offering investors a potentially tax-advantaged fixed-income option to the infrastructure opportunity.

Learn why Robert Amodeo, Head of Municipals at Western Asset belives munis will play a major role in financing America's infrastructure and listen to Amodeo discuss public-private partnerships to infrastructure funding.

Energy independence

As part of its focus on infrastructure, the Trump administration is encouraging investment in the energy sector, which ClearBridge Investments believes could have positive implications for Master Limited Partnerships (MLPs).

Learn more about the prospects for Energy MLPs from Michael Clarfeld and Chris Eades of ClearBridge Investments.

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