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Jul 21

Volatility: Here Today, Gone Tomorrow

Volatility is an inevitable part of investing and when markets get bumpy opportunities can emerge for patient, value-oriented investors.

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Jul 19

For your consideration

Five Reasons to Like U.S. Stocks Now

There's no shortage of anxiety in today's financial markets – whether it's geopolitics, valuation, or unprecedented global central bank policies. But where there's doubt, there can be opportunity. These five factors are worth considering for stocks in the U.S.:

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Jun 17

Behind the decision

The Fed Waits on Rates

The Fed’s cautious risk management stance has been supportive of markets and perhaps of US economic growth. We expect the Fed to maintain that stance unless and until there is a material change in the outlook.

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Jun 15

Western Asset's John Bellows

What the Fed is thinking

Little need to rock the boat, in a nod to market stability. A reason for the uncertainty: the Fed's priorities are affected by changing conditions. Meanwhile, observers both in the US and elsewhere are watching the clear, if slow, progress of the US economy.

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Jun 09

Europe and Brexit: What's Next

Europe’s political and economic make-up could be radically altered after 23 June if the UK votes to leave the European Union (EU). Would ‘Brexit’ be the seismic event many predict, or just prove to be a hump in the road? Michael Browne and Steve Frost examine the potential implications for European investors.

Investment Insights
Apr 27

The Fed – "Not" Again

The Fed's decision to leave rates at the current level is yet another sign that the FOMC is paying close attention to the near-term disruption that an early rate hike could cause. But the Fed slightly dialed back the tone of its stated concern about global risks, suggesting to some readers that sentiment may have shifted slightly – at least for now – in the direction of a hike in July rather than in September.

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Apr 22

It Takes a Team

Good sports teams benefit from having different types of players on the field together, and that principle applies to portfolio construction as well, notes ClearBridge's Margaret Vitrano.

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Apr 20

The Pivot to Value

Though overlooked by many in the turbulence of equity markets since mid-2015, there’s been a developing shift in leadership in US equities – with value stocks outperforming the growth-oriented stocks that have mostly led the pack since the beginning of the 7-year-long bull market. The shift is seen most clearly in year-over-year performance; since February 5, 2016, the Russell 2000 Value Index has outperformed the Russell 2000 Growth Index.

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Apr 18

Puerto Rico municipal debt

What Happens When the Rules Change?

Puerto Rico’s recent move to suspend all debt payments until 2017 aggravates the risks in an already-uncertain municipal debt complex.

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Mar 08

Fears vs. Facts

A Great Disconnect?

The gap between the fears weighing on markets and the underlying facts could provide opportunity for active managers.


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