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Aug 16

A Bear, A Brexit, and A Welcome Start to 2016

The market's pronounced shift toward companies with attractive to reasonable valuations, solid balance sheets, and strong profitability in the first half of 2016 was positive for many active managers.

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Aug 15

The US: Best House on the Block?

ClearBridge Investments’ Margaret Vitrano sees opportunity in selected US stocks, despite areas of concern and recent gains in the overall market

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Aug 11

Health Care and the Election

Uncertainty in advance of the US election could create opportunity in selected segments within health care, notes ClearBridge Investments' Marshall Gordon.

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Aug 03

International equities:

Tackling volatility concerns

International equity investing can offer opportunities not available within the US. Market volatility, as well as currency fluctuations, can present challenges. But there are steps that investors might consider to address these issues.

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Jul 27

Not Quite Yet...

Today’s Fed decision to push off any rate hike until at least September will leave investors guessing a little longer.

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Jul 27

Emerging Markets debt:

Make Way for Opportunity

With commodity prices, spread valuations, and credit ratings stability now better aligned, Brandywine Global's Gary Herbert sees greater opportunity ahead in emerging markets corporate debt.

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Jul 21

Volatility: Here Today, Gone Tomorrow

Volatility is an inevitable part of investing and when markets get bumpy opportunities can emerge for patient, value-oriented investors.

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Jul 19

For your consideration

Five Reasons to Like U.S. Stocks Now

There's no shortage of anxiety in today's financial markets – whether it's geopolitics, valuation, or unprecedented global central bank policies. But where there's doubt, there can be opportunity. These five factors are worth considering for stocks in the U.S.:

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Jun 27

Brexit: A Catalyst for Reforms

ClearBridge's Paul Ehrlichman discusses the economic and investment implications of Britain's decision to leave the EU.

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Jun 17

Behind the decision

The Fed Waits on Rates

The Fed’s cautious risk management stance has been supportive of markets and perhaps of US economic growth. We expect the Fed to maintain that stance unless and until there is a material change in the outlook.


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