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Feb 13

More Volatility Could Be Good For Small Caps

When good things are happening in the stock market, investors can be forgiven for forgetting about volatility.

Investment Insights
Feb 01

The Tide May be Turning for Active Management

The global financial environment is changing, driven by U.S. Federal Reserve monetary policy moves, the Trump Administration’s potential changes to U.S. fiscal policy, sustained uncertainty about Brexit, geopolitical shifts in Europe and Asia, questions over the future of the European Union, and continuing volatility in emerging markets. Markets are still rising, but volatile, and expectations are uncertain.

Investment Insights
Jan 31

A pillar of our investment process

A Guide to ESG Ratings

ClearBridge's proprietary Environmental, Social & Governance (ESG) ratings system has for years been an integral part of its process for generating investment recommendations.

Investment Insights
Jan 19

Investor Optimism Built on Trump’s Promises?

After a historically fast market upturn after the election, where will U.S. equities go under Trump? His past remarks provide some clues for investors.

Investment Insights
Jan 18

7 Reasons to Choose Active Now

While index investments have their place, it’s important to recognize what actively managed strategies can do for investors – especially in the current environment, where the risks embedded in passive strategies loom large.

Investment Insights
Jan 17

Municipal Market Update: December

Western Asset examines recent trends in the muni bond market and provides its outlook about conditions ahead.

Investment Insights
Jan 10

Low-volatility dividend stocks:

Taking the Long View

Post-election market shifts haven't diminished the case for a strategic allocation to low-volatility high-dividend stocks.

Investment Insights
Dec 27

Finding opportunity in fixed income

Hope, Doubt, and a New U.S. Administration

Why Western Asset continues to favor specific spread sectors and a long duration bias for a fixed-income portfolio.

Investment Insights
Dec 20

Privately-held commercial real estate

Zigging When Others Zag

Investors seeking solid income and low correlation to equity and fixed-income assets should not ignore the potential in investments that specialize in privately-held commercial real estate.

Investment Insights
Dec 20

Five Reasons to Like the Hike

Silver linings in the Fed's December’s shift toward higher rates.


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