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Jul 19

A Matter of Time

ESG and Credit Ratings

Credit Rating Agencies are making meaningful progress in identifying and reflecting environmental, social and governance (ESG) risks in the credit rating process. This is both welcome and encouraging, but more needs to be done to ensure the rewards fixed income investors can expect reflect the risks they are taking.

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Jul 18

Municipal Market Update: June

Western Asset examines recent trends in the muni bond market and provides its outlook about conditions ahead.

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Jul 18

Global equities:

Emerging Markets: The Why and The How

Finding capital returns is a difficult challenge in a world of low growth expectations and low interest rates. Yet in this environment, emerging markets (EMs) can offer attractive access to equity growth potential.

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Jul 10

Q2 update

U.S. Stocks: Trends Signal Continued Upside

Corporate earnings growth, an expanding economy and ample liquidity remain supportive of the current bull market. Earnings and economic growth, more than potential fiscal and tax policy, have been the catalysts for higher stock prices.

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Jun 15

The power of choice

Why Active Management Makes A Difference

Choice is at the heart of investing; one can’t own everything. But should investment choices be made in a mechanical way, based on an index? Or should they be made selectively, based the research and expertise of an active manager?

Investment Insights
Jun 09

UK Election 2017: Theresa May's Challenge

With the erosion of Theresa May's support making Brexit more difficult to negotiate at home as well as abroad, read what our investment managers have to say about the impact of the election on the UK, Europe and the financial markets.

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Jun 07

Infrastructure and rising rates

A Myth Too Far

There are many who believe rising interest rates pose headwinds for income-producing equities. Yet history suggests infrastructure stocks may be an exception to that rule—an important consideration for investors as the Fed prepares for rate hikes in June and beyond.

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Jun 05

RARE Insights:

Understanding Infrastructure

Matt Bushby, RARE's Global Head of Distribution, explains their specialist view on infrastructure and the key infrastructure characteristics RARE looks for. He also examines why it can be limiting to view the infrastructure opportunity as the ‘Trump trade’.

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Jun 01

Alternative strategies and active management

To Selectivity and Beyond

Security selection and the flexibility to make tactical allocation changes have long been hallmarks of successful active management. Those traits are even more important when investors venture into the complex world of alternative strategies.

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May 16

Choosing Active: How, When and Why

We asked four of our top managers to reflect on what active strategies can do and how they can complement passive in a diversified portfolio. The result: a must-watch reminder of why active remains a must-have in today's market environment.

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May 15

Direct lending and active management

Closing gaps, expanding choices

Direct lending is a growing opportunity for investors and a logical fit for active managers with analytical prowess and global scope.


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