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May 16

Choosing Active: How, When and Why

We asked four of our top managers to reflect on what active strategies can do and how they can complement passive in a diversified portfolio. The result: a must-watch reminder of why active remains a must-have in today's market environment.

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Apr 27

ESG and active management

A Natural Fit

ESG investing is on the rise, and active managers who've made it part of their investment process are leading the charge.

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Apr 24

Infrastructure & active management

Build it and they will come

In specialized market sectors like infrastructure, active management may be the natural choice for many investors.

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Apr 19

French election update:

A four-horse race

Some worry about a political tsunami. But so far, it looks like a four-way tie. The least likely outcome, a Le Pen / Mélenchon run-off, could trigger significant market volatility, providing attractive opportunities for astute investors.

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Apr 18

Calculated gamble

UK Prime Minister Theresa May's call for a snap election could prove to be a shrewd move. If it succeeds, it could produce a Conservative government with a renewed mandate, as well as a significant boost for Brexit negotiations with the European Union (EU).

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Apr 06

U.S. Equities

Growth is Where You Find It

Investing in growth stocks outside the limits of traditional benchmarks has allowed ClearBridge PMs Margaret Vitrano and Evan Bauman to thrive in a crowded field.

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Apr 04

Small-cap Stocks

When Change is Inevitable...

Given the many risks specific to the small-cap sector, active managers like Royce's Bill Hench must constantly update their views on companies and markets.

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Apr 03

Beyond style-box and factor-based goals

Investing for outcomes

Objectives matter in active investing – that's why focusing on investment outcomes can add insight and focus to an investors' aims.

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Mar 29

Brexit and Article 50

Crossing the Rubicon

The triggering by the UK of the European Union's Article 50 today formally signals the UK’s intention to seek a divorce and allows exit negotiations to begin in earnest. What does this means for British companies and the risks and opportunities that may arise from ‘Brexit’?

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Mar 23

A top national priority

Investing in infrastructure

With bipartisan support at every level of government, investors are likely to see more infrastructure investment opportunities surface faster.


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