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Market Snapshot

U.S. Consumer: No Sale

U.S. consumers had a downbeat December; China-U.S. trade talks were set to reconvene in Washington; Mexico's Pemex got yet more help; U.K. clothiers discounted deeply, pre-Brexit

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Market Outlook
Jan 29
Market Outlook

January webcast summary

Tilting Toward Accommodation

January 29, 2019

Subdued global inflation should provide monetary policymakers with a ramp to be more accommodative and perhaps pull back from their normalization efforts. We’re encouraged by the Fed's latest commitment to be more data-dependent.

Market Outlook
Jan 15
Market Outlook

Fed Outlook: "Wait and See"

January 15, 2019

We expect that the Fed will eventually adopt a “wait-and-see” strategy this year, with at most one more rate hike in 2019.

Investment Insights
Jan 10
Investment Insights

Fixed income

Unconstrained: Stay Active

January 10, 2019

Income and global credit are becoming mainstays of fixed-income investing – an actively managed, unconstrained approach can be a valuable tool to face today's rapidly-changing market conditions.

Market Outlook
Dec 04
Market Outlook

Q4 Market Commentary

Global Expansion: What's Going Right

December 04, 2018

Continuing global expansion is the priority for policymakers worldwide; steps are being taken in the right direction so far.

Market Outlook
Nov 09
Market Outlook

Continuing expansion

The Credit Cycle: Key Signals

November 09, 2018

None of the five early warning indicators tracked by Western Asset point to an end of this expansion phase of the economy.

Market Outlook
Nov 07
Market Outlook

Market and Strategy Update

The Continuing Uneven Global Recovery

November 07, 2018

Our thought now is that the optimism for US growth is a bit overdone and pessimism around lethargic global growth rates has swung too far to the downside.

Market Outlook
Oct 02
Market Outlook

Fixed income update

Navigating Risk and Reward

October 02, 2018

While we don’t see this credit cycle ending soon, its longevity does warrant extra scrutiny on valuations and some types of of risk.

Market Outlook
Sep 21
Market Outlook

Policy Matters

Accommodative No Longer?

September 21, 2018

While the Fed is expected to hike rates twice more this year, the potential removal of the word “accommodative” from its guidance would be a more notable development.

Investment Insights
Aug 29
Investment Insights

Western Asset's Duration Positioning

August 29, 2018

Key reasons why Western Asset maintains its long duration position

Investment Insights
Aug 02
Investment Insights

The Power of Income

August 02, 2018

A timely reminder about what really drives fixed-income returns and where the opportunities lie. In short: never underestimate the power of income.

Market Outlook
Jul 18
Market Outlook

Third Quarter Outlook

Market & Strategy Update: Quick Take

July 18, 2018

Western Asset CIO Ken Leech surveys the state of global bond markets, sharing views on growth, inflation and the impact of trade and monetary policy.


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