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U.S. Jobs Chasing Workers?

For unemployment claims, the devil was in the details; Global oil looked to offer its own cure for high crude prices; China growth beat expectations

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Jan 08
Investment Insights

Listed Infrastructure

Key Themes for Listed Infrastructure in 2018

January 08, 2018

The fortunes of individual global infrastructure companies will be driven by three key themes in the year ahead. Nick Langley and Richard Elmslie, Co-CEOs and Co-CIOs of RARE Infrastructure, explain the risk and opportunities to companies for each of these themes and give their general outlook for 2018.

Market Outlook
Jun 07
Market Outlook

Q&A with Richard Elmslie

Trump’s Infrastructure Plan

June 07, 2017

Richard Elmslie, Co-CEO of RARE Infrastructure provides insight on President Trump’s infrastructure plan, including the necessary incentives to attract private capital and the challenges that the Trump administration could face.

Investment Insights
Feb 24
Investment Insights

Why Listed Infrastructure?

February 24, 2017

With interest in infrastructure investing exploding, RARE co-founder Nick Langley makes the case for investors to favor listed securities.


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