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Today's challenge: Markets vs. economics

Last week's markets left investors looking to economics for clues; Italy faced up to the EU; China's trade surplus ballooned

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Jun 14
Investment Insights

Listed infrastructure opportunities

One Belt, One Road

June 14, 2018

The Chinese Government’s ‘One Belt, One Road’ initiative is a foreign trade policy and economic strategy to develop the historic Silk Road trade route from China to Europe. RARE assesses the opportunities for investors in global listed infrastructure.

Investment Insights
Apr 27
Investment Insights

Infrastructure: Price Vs. Valuation

April 27, 2018

Rising bond yields can have a different impact on the fundamental valuation and market price of regulated utilities and user-pay infrastructure. An in-depth understanding of these impacts enables an active, benchmark-unaware manager to better navigate through the economic cycles.

Market Outlook
Mar 29
Market Outlook

Trump's Tariffs: A Net Plus for Infrastructure

March 29, 2018

Because they impact trade flows, tariffs have implications for port, road and rail systems. This could end up stimulating investment in new infrastructure capabilities.

Investment Insights
Mar 18
Investment Insights

Infrastructure: Growth Instigator

March 18, 2018

In this Q&A, Richard Elmslie, Co-Chief Investment Officer and Co-Chief Executive of RARE Infrastructure, explains the growth potential for infrastructure assets over the next decade and their resilience in the face of future downturns.

Investment Insights
Feb 20
Investment Insights

Global Listed Infrastructure

The Widest Possible Search

February 20, 2018

Select emerging market (EM) companies are an increasingly attractive part of the global listed infrastructure universe. When added to a portfolio of developed market stocks, EM securities offer a greater source of income and differentiation in returns.

Investment Insights
Jan 08
Investment Insights

Listed Infrastructure

Key Themes for Listed Infrastructure in 2018

January 08, 2018

The fortunes of individual global infrastructure companies will be driven by three key themes in the year ahead. Nick Langley and Richard Elmslie, Co-CEOs and Co-CIOs of RARE Infrastructure, explain the risk and opportunities to companies for each of these themes and give their general outlook for 2018.


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