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Oil Shock: The Energy Sector and Beyond

The collapse in oil prices has added to market dislocations and uncertainty associated with the coronavirus pandemic.

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Investment Insights
May 20
Investment Insights

Where Do We Go Now?

May 20, 2020

Sustainable dividend stocks may offer equity exposure and yield with some insulation from price fluctuations.

Investment Insights
Mar 31
Investment Insights

Is This Time Really Different?

March 31, 2020

All crises are inherently different. However, people’s reaction to them is remarkably consistent, and there's no evidence to suggest this has changed.

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Jan 24
Investment Insights

Equity ideas for 2020

Diversifying Total Return Drivers

January 24, 2020

Consumer stability and central banks may sustain the global expansion during 2020, but uncertainty lurks in persistent geopolitical issues.

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Oct 18
Investment Insights

Getting the Most out of the Late Cycle Equity Market

October 18, 2019

Lower volatility stocks with sustainable dividends and attractive valuations may provide a defensive tilt to portfolios in a late cycle environment.

Investment Insights
Aug 21
Investment Insights

Trade concerns? Consider dividend stocks

August 21, 2019

Dividend stocks in defensive sectors, which exhibit lower overall beta and less vulnerability to drawdowns, could be useful to many investors in the current environment.


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