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U.S. Jobs Chasing Workers?

For unemployment claims, the devil was in the details; Global oil looked to offer its own cure for high crude prices; China growth beat expectations

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Market Outlook
Jan 05
Market Outlook

U.S. stocks

How the Tax Bill Will Shape 2018

January 05, 2018

Changes in the tax code that reward capital expenditures and the repatriation of profits held abroad should boost U.S. GDP as well as corporate productivity.

Investment Insights
Oct 26
Investment Insights

US equities

Signals from a pick-up in US M&A activity

October 26, 2017

A pick-up in mergers and acquisitions activity in undervalued parts of the US equity market could start a transition away from mega cap technology and Internet names being the biggest drivers of performance and momentum.

Investment Insights
Oct 18
Investment Insights

ESG: The Future of Investing

October 18, 2017

Strategies that embrace environmental, social and governance (ESG) principles are attracting more and more attention and assets -- a trend that's likely to expand going forward.

Market Outlook
Oct 09
Market Outlook

U.S. Stocks

Room to Run, but Watch the Fed

October 09, 2017

The global economy has been firing on all cylinders, stocks have soared, and recessionary risks remain minimal. But could the Fed's plans to shrink its balance sheet spoil the party?

Investment Insights
Sep 01
Investment Insights

Flooding in Texas: The Impact on Insurers

September 01, 2017

Though severe enough to impact earnings, the flooding in Texas is unlikely to hurt property & casualty insurers badly enough to force rates higher.

Market Outlook
Aug 29
Market Outlook


August 29, 2017

No longer simply a niche strategy, ESG is evolving into a fundamental tool that can help active managers identify long-term value.

Investment Insights
Aug 24
Investment Insights

ESG: The New Standard for "Best-in-Class"?

August 24, 2017

There's growing evidence that companies who integrate societal concerns about the workplace, environment and corporate governance into their operations may have a competitive advantage and improved growth potential.

Investment Insights
Aug 03
Investment Insights

Opportunity outside the U.S.

International stocks: Tailwinds Picking Up

August 03, 2017

After a decade out of favor, international value stocks are overdue for a comeback, notes ClearBridge PM Safa Muhtaseb, thanks in part to better prospects for cyclical sectors in Europe.

Investment Insights
Jul 10
Investment Insights

Q2 update

U.S. Stocks: Trends Signal Continued Upside

July 10, 2017

Corporate earnings growth, an expanding economy and ample liquidity remain supportive of the current bull market. Earnings and economic growth, more than potential fiscal and tax policy, have been the catalysts for higher stock prices.

Market Outlook
Jul 07
Market Outlook

Is the stock market right about economic growth?

July 07, 2017

High quality companies remain an attractive investment opportunity despite more moderate growth expectations.

Market Outlook
Jun 12
Market Outlook

Tailwinds for MLPs?

June 12, 2017

Regulatory delays for pipeline development are easing and drilling activity is increasing, which could have positive implications for MLPs in the energy sector.


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