Customized Retirement Plan Analysis


Construct strong portfolios based on distinct retirement plan needs. Our partnership with Markov Processes International (MPI) provides financial advisors and plan sponsors with sophisticated research and analysis using Morningstar data. Key features and benefits include:

  • Provide powerful plan-level reporting to prospect for and service plan sponsors
  • Produce completely customized reports based on your unique criteria and investment policy statements
  • Easily monitor funds, across 55 criteria, with the comprehensive fund scorecard
  • Integrate fundamental, qualitative and performance-based analytics derived from Morningstar data
  • Differentiate your practice by delivering institutional-quality analytics and plan comparisons in one comprehensive report
  • Produce and analyze the level of overlap in a retirement plan across styles, returns, and underlying investment holdings

Sample MPI Retirement Plan Analyzer

Powered by Markov Process International (MPI), this resource provides financial advisors and plan sponsors with sophisticated retirement plan analysis on current and proposed plan line-ups.

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Account Maintenance Form

MPI Submission Form

Use this form to produce a detailed report that analyzes the current and/or potential retirement plan fund lineups. The report will include side-by-side analysis of performance, style, risk and expenses.


MPI Plan Analyzer Flyer

Key features and benefits of The MPI PLan Analyzer, which uses integrated Morningstar data to produce institutional-level reporting that is unique and informative.

Fund & Investment Strategies

A top-level retirement advisor like you needs top-notch tools and informative materials to keep pace on a competitive playing field. We’re behind you all the way.

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