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Investing Post-COVID-19: Evolution, Revolution and Changing Behaviors (Global)

Legg Mason's Product Strategy team explores how key industry trends could change in the wake of the pandemic, with consequences for asset managers as well as investors.

  • May-18-2020
  • Whitepaper
  • public

WIA, WIW Enhanced Investment Strategies and Share Repurchase Programs

Fund Announcement for WIA, WIW enhanced investment strategies and authorization of share repurchase programs

  • Mar-02-2016
  • Fund Announcement
  • public

Time Testing Your Reviews Worksheet

Allows financial professionals to time test their client reviews and a do reality check on the percentage of time allocated to reviews.

  • Oct-06-2020
  • Worksheet
  • advisor
  • PUB ID: TAP2004-W2

Mastering The Client Review

Offers an innovative look at how to prepare for and conduct more powerful reviews, with special focus on showing progress against client's personal goals.

  • Oct-02-2020
  • Brochure
  • advisor
  • PUB ID: TAP2004

Portfolio Review Resource Worksheet

Designed to help financial professionals quickly map out the data and documents needed for a client review.

  • Oct-09-2020
  • Worksheet
  • advisor
  • PUB ID: TAP2004-W4

Press Release - CPREIF Announces Tender Offer Feb 12, 2021

Clarion Partners Real Estate Income Fund Inc. (“CPREIF” or the “Fund”) announced today that the Fund’s Board of Directors has approved a tender offer for up to 5.0% of the Fund’s aggregate net asset value (“NAV”), subject to the right to purchase additional shares representing up to 2.0% of the Fund’s NAV without amending or extending the offer.

  • Feb-12-2021
  • Reprint
  • public

Press Release - CPREIF Announces Investment in Industrial Property Near Hartford, CT - Feb 24, 2021

Clarion Partners Real Estate Income Fund Inc. (CPREIF) has entered into a joint venture with Metropolitan Realty Associates for the acquisition of a 304,249-square-foot industrial property near Hartford, CT.

  • Feb-24-2021
  • Reprint
  • public

Investor Guide - Legg Mason Total Advantage Funds

The Legg Mason Total Advantage Funds were designed around two critical objectives — boost return potential for investors saving for retirement and seek to reduce exposure to large market drawdowns.

  • May-06-2020
  • Investor Guide
  • public
  • PUB ID: RETX446136

What Will Your Retirement Look Like Presentation

Created to help individuals envision their ideal retirement. Includes information on how to plan effectively to reach their goals with the help of a financial professional.

  • Aug-26-2020
  • Presentation
  • public

Product Commentary - Alternative Completion Portfolios (MSWM SMA - FA)

Investment manager commentary that features an overview of performance, activity and perspective on the market environment.

  • Jan-26-2021
  • Product Commentary
  • advisor
  • PUB ID: AMXX495514

IMPORTANT INFORMATION: All investments involve risk, including loss of principal. Past performance is no guarantee of future results. Please see each product's web page for specific details regarding investment objective, risks, performance and other important information. Review this information carefully before you make any investment decision.

Carefully consider a fund's investment objectives, risks, charges and expenses before investing. Please view the prospectus or summary prospectus for this and other information. Read it carefully.

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