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Long-Term Investing Has Had Rewards

A guide to long-term investing and the positive vs. negative annual returns.

  • Sep-10-2018
  • Brochure
  • public
  • PUB ID: LMFX015311

Investor Guide - Western Asset Philosophy in Action

Western Asset’s time-tested approach has fared well through multiple market cycles and provided clients with a diversified strategy managed for the long term.

  • Apr-10-2018
  • Investor Guide
  • advisor
  • PUB ID: WASX427174

Product Commentary - Western Asset Macro Opportunities Bond Fund Update

An update on the Macro Opportunities Fund with key takeaways on Western Asset's key investment themes and why Macro Opportunities can play an important role in a portfolio for fixed income investors.

  • Oct-15-2018
  • Product Commentary
  • advisor
  • PUB ID: MIPX479147

Tax Wise: Taking Advantage of Tax-Deferred Investment Options

Summary of benefits of tax-deferred investing strategies for long-term portfolio growth.

  • Nov-13-2018
  • Brochure
  • public
  • PUB ID: LMFX015422


According to the recent Legg Mason Global Investment Survey, millennials around the world have high investment return expectations but are admittedly conservative in their approach, and considerably short-term minded.

  • May-10-2016
  • Market Perspective
  • public

Product Profile - Western Asset Long Duration Credit CIF

Key product details, including primary differentiators, investment philosophy and investment process.

  • Nov-08-2018
  • Product Profile
  • advisor

4 Whys - ClearBridge Variable Aggressive Growth Portfolio

Product strategy overview to instruct investors on why and how to use this fund.

  • Apr-06-2018
  • Investment Idea
  • public
  • PUB ID: VANN114352

Clarification of Distributions - Western Asset Core Plus Bond Fund

Important tax information for investors. Notice of reclassification of distributions.

  • Feb-26-2018
  • Capital Gains Distribution
  • public

Investor Guide - ClearBridge Variable Aggressive Growth Portfolio

A guide to the fund's focused approach on growth, portfolio manager background and investment strategy.

  • Feb-08-2019
  • Investor Guide
  • public
  • PUB ID: VANN228506

Product Profile – Western Asset Core Bond CIT

Key product details, including Western's approach, key differentiators, investment philosophy and investment process.

  • May-09-2018
  • Product Profile
  • advisor
  • PUB ID: VANN442564

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