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Investor Guide - ClearBridge Appreciation Fund

A brochure introducing the ClearBridge Appreciation Fund as a core building block for an Investor's portfolio.

  • Nov-25-2020
  • Investor Guide
  • public
  • PUB ID: CBAX377680

Investor Guide - ClearBridge Large Cap Growth Portfolios

Brochure highlighting the strategy's approach, process and performance.

  • Apr-29-2021
  • Investor Guide
  • public
  • PUB ID: AMXX342116


A guide to the recent history of the large-cap growth market, the fund's approach, and its growth and performance against its peers.

  • Jul-19-2021
  • Investor Guide
  • public
  • PUB ID: CBAX258413

Investor Guide - ClearBridge Growth Suite

The ClearBridge Growth Suite of actively management portfolios provide opportunities for capital appreciation and diversification across market capitalizations.

  • Apr-28-2021
  • Investor Guide
  • public
  • PUB ID: AMXX412466

Investor Guide - ClearBridge Dividend Strategy Portfolios - The Three Rs of Dividends

An in-depth look at the growth, risk management and total return strategy of the ClearBridge Dividend Strategy Portfolios.

  • May-10-2021
  • Investor Guide
  • public
  • PUB ID: AMXX300659

Multi Fund Guide - ClearBridge Dynamic MDAs

Guide highlighting the approach and process behind the Portfolios.

  • Sep-22-2020
  • Multi-Fund Guide
  • public
  • PUB ID: CBAX442143

Multi-Fund Guide - ClearBridge ESG Portfolios - Harmonizing Values and Returns

An in-depth look at the motivations and strategies driving the ClearBridge ESG Portfolios.

  • Sep-23-2020
  • Multi-Fund Guide
  • public
  • PUB ID: CBAX016060

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