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What is an ETF?

Details how exchange-traded funds can help investors achieve diversification, as they combine characteristics of both mutual funds and stocks.

  • Nov-13-2018
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  • PUB ID: ETFF225578

Scholars Choice State Tax Map

A guide to understanding 529 state tax deductions.

  • Feb-13-2019
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Understanding Collective Investment Trusts

A guide to collective investment trusts (CITs), tax-exempt, pooled investment vehicles - a popular investment choice of defined contribution (DC) plan sponsors.

  • Oct-25-2018
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  • PUB ID: RETX387210

Your Retirement: Discover Tomorrow's Needs Today

A projection of everyday costs and life events that one must consider when saving for retirement. Includes the future of health care costs, life expectancy and tips on creating an investment strategy.

  • Jan-25-2019
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  • PUB ID: TAPX014185

Understanding Closed-End Funds

White paper explaining the basics of closed-end funds and their potential benefits for investors.

  • Sep-11-2018
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  • PUB ID: LMFX014512

Year End Gifting - 529

A brochure describing how to contribute to a 529 College Savings Plan by taking advantage of Gift Tax Exclusions.

  • Dec-11-2018
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  • PUB ID: SCHX016034

Investor Education: SMA - A Guide to Separately Managed Accounts

A guide to understanding Separately Managed Accounts (SMAs). Includes how the accounts work, who can benefit from them, and the difference between an SMA and a mutual fund.

  • Sep-17-2018
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  • PUB ID: AMXX016042

Lessons in Growth Investing - The Cost of Timing the Market

A look at what happens when you pull money out of the market in down periods, and the history of how this has minimized return.

  • Dec-20-2018
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  • PUB ID: LMFX016332

Advantages of a SEP IRA

Explains the advantages of a Simplified Employee Pension (SEP) IRA Plan for small-business employees and self-employed individuals.

  • Jan-31-2019
  • Brochure
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  • PUB ID: TAPX014296

Which Type of IRA is Right for You

Compares the strengths and limitations of a Traditional IRA versus a Roth IRA, including information about deductions and contribution limits.

  • Feb-04-2019
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  • PUB ID: TAPX014234

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