Ready for a Change in the Weather?


The longest bull market in history continues – yet increased volatility has many investors wondering when and how that might change. The key is the U.S economy. How close could we be to the next recession? What factors are most important to watch in the months ahead?

ClearBridge Investments’ exclusive Recession Risk Dashboard offers valuable answers, tracking key data along four vital economic fault lines. In Anatomy of a Recession, from equity manager ClearBridge Investments, discover how the Dashboard works and how it can help you stay prepared for future downturns.

Key Topics Include:

What recessions mean for stock prices

What current conditions say about the risk of recession

What to watch for through the coming year



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Featured Resources

Stocks: Perspective on the Pullback

None of the catalysts behind the recent pullback have changed the larger backdrop for the market. Fundamentals remain solid, and we believe the current pullback has largely run its course.


U.S. Economy: Keep on Trucking

Our Recession Risk Dashboard continues to signal that the likelihood of a pullback in the next 12 months is low – a view supported by recent data on the volume of freight shipped via trucks.


Recession Risks Muted Heading Into 2018

The positive economic momentum that lifted equities over the past year should continue into 2018, with higher interest rates and inflation posing the biggest risks, notes ClearBridge Investment Strategist Jeff Schulze.


Wall of Worry Obscures Solid Fundamentals

Even seasoned professionals sometimes succumb to the fears (and hopes) of the day, rather than adjusting their sails to the new reality and market environment.





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