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In Trump's World, Growth is King

As we near Donald Trump’s inauguration on January 20th, investors are wondering if the President-elect will successfully tackle his frequently touted initiatives. In his latest podcast, ClearBridge's Jeff Schulze discusses his projections.

Global Economic Growth Will Be "Sturdy but Unspectacular" 

Proclaiming that “our best case is that we’re looking at sturdy but unspectacular global growth,” Western Asset Management Chief Investment Officer Kenneth Leech headlined his quarterly webcast with optimism tempered by downside risk.

Promised Trump Administration Corporate Tax Cuts Could Unleash Long Overdue Cash Expenditures

The prospect of lowering U.S. corporate taxes under President Donald J. Trump has raised expectations that companies will use the money saved to expand capital investment (CAPEX), viewed as long-expected and equally long overdue.

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