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Emerging Market Equities Attracting More U.S. Investors

Equity markets in the U.S. are at or near all-time highs, but with the International Monetary Fund forecasting developed country gross domestic product (GDP) growth of only 1.7 percent through 2022, investors may want to consider other markets.

Millennial Investors Remain Shaken by the Financial Crisis - Even Though All They Did Was Watch

Millennial investors in the United States report that the Financial Crisis and subsequent Great Recession strongly influence their investment decisions, leaving them more risk-averse than any other age group.

Legg Mason Launches First Small-Cap ETF with Royce & Associates 

Legg Mason, Inc., (NYSE:LM), today announced it has launched its first dedicated small-cap, multi-factor ETF, sub-advised by Royce & Associates, a Legg Mason affiliate and small-cap specialist with more than 40 years’ experience in the asset class.

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