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Where Did Volatility Go – And Where Will It Take Markets Next?

Volatility in equity markets has dwindled to historic lows as U.S. equity market indexes soar past record highs. Even professional market watchers are hard-pressed to definitively explain the calm.

Solid Global Equity Growth Should Carry Into 2018 - But Risks Loom

ClearBridge Investments Embraces ESG - To Generate Returns and Help Public Companies Thrive

Coming off strong increases in 2017, still-rising indexes have become a big story in global markets. The big, hanging question is: can their run continue?

Brandywine Global and Western Asset Management Nominated for Morningstar’s 2017 Fixed Income Manager of the Year

Legg Mason independent investment affiliates Brandywine Global and Western Asset Management have been recognized as nominees for Morningstar’s 2017 Fixed-Income Fund Manager of the Year.

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