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The Case for Asean Equities

Diversity and vibrancy in and from ASEAN

ASEAN is right in the geographic heart of the world’s most vibrant area bounded by India  in the West; China, Japan and South Korea in the Northeast; and Australia and New Zealand in the South. Among the 10-member group, 5 core economies (known as ASEAN-5: Singapore, Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand and Philippines ) supported by superior growth rates and showing resilience during global financial turbulence, may look much more attractive than developed markets or even the broader Asia ex-Japan market.

  • Economic momentum remains solid with regional GDP growth above 5% year-over-year in 1Q18

  • The region continues to benefit from resilient domestic demand with intra-ASEAN trade leading the way

  • The skilled and young population will be a key driver of growth in the longer term.

  • Foreign reserves are in a much better position now compared to Global/Asian financial crises

  • ASEAN is the important gateway for the world to the most vibrant Asia-Pacific and vice versa.

Blossom with Legg Mason Martin Currie Southeast Asia Trust

The objective of Legg Mason Martin Currie Southeast Asia Trust is to achieve medium to long-term capital appreciation by investing at least 70% of the Trust in securities issued by companies that are incorporated, domiciled or listed, or have a significant economic interest, in South and South-East Asia countries.

We use a High Conviction Approach to Capture Asean Alpha.
Key Fund Features include:
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