Legg Mason Martin Currie European Unconstrained Fund

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Zehrid Osmani
Sam Cottrell
Legg Mason Martin Currie European Unconstrained Fund

  • The value of investments and the income from them may go down as well as up and you may not get back the amount you originally invested. 

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Three-Year risk statistics (Annualised)

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Portfolio Characteristics

Portfolio statistics

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Sector Allocation (%)

As of 30/06/2021
Consumer Discretionary 26,99
Information Technology 26,56
Health Care 14,45
Industrials 14,30
Consumer Staples 7,02
Financials 6,15
Materials 3,74
Other 0,24
Cash & Cash Equivalents 0,55

Country allocation

As of 30/06/2021
France 18,41
Sweden 13,57
Germany 12,04
Ireland 10,70
Netherlands 10,58
Italy 10,40
United Kingdom 5,94
Switzerland 5,44
Denmark 5,44
United States 4,63
Cayman Islands 2,08
Euro 0,24
Cash & Cash Equivalents 0,55

Market Cap Exposure (In Millions) (%)

As of 30/06/2021
More than €100,000 17,23
€50,000 - €100,000 19,14
€25,000 - €50,000 34,92
€10,000 - €25,000 13,88
€5,000 - €10,000 13,42
Less than €5,000 1,41

  • Percentages are based on total portfolio as of date displayed and are subject to change at any time. Holdings and allocations breakdowns are provided for information purposes only and should not be deemed a recommendation to buy or sell the securities mentioned or securities in the industries shown. Due to rounding totaled percentages may not equal 100%.

    A negative cash position may be apparent, which is primarily due to the Fund’s unsettled trade activity. This is a more concise approach to defining the cash position and it best represents sector exposures in the Fund. 


Product Literature

Forms & Applications

Regulatory Documents

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Martin Currie builds global, stock-driven portfolios based on fundamental research, devoting all of its resources to delivering optimum investment outcomes and superior client relationships.

Investment Risks

Risk Reward Profile*

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  • 3
  • 4
  • 5
  • 6
  • 7

1Lower risk

Potentially lower reward

7Higher risk

Potentially higher reward


Top 10 Holdings (%)

As of 30/06/2021
ASML Holding NV 9,18
Kering SA 6,34
Ferrari NV 5,66
Hexagon AB 4,76
Moncler SpA 4,74
adidas AG 4,66
Mettler-Toledo International Inc 4,63
Infineon Technologies AG 4,52
Atlas Copco AB 4,47
Sartorius Stedim Biotech 4,38

Detailed Holdings

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Par/Shares Securities description Market value % of investments Country Maturity Date Asset Type S&P Credit Quality Moodys Credit Quality

  • Portfolio holdings are subject to change at any time without notice. This information is provided for information purposes only and should not be construed as a recommendation to purchase or sell any security. The summation of the "Total Net assets %" may not equal 100%. Any difference is due to the portfolio's allocation to cash and cash equivalents.

    Derivatives, if any, such as options and futures, which can be illiquid, may disproportionately increase losses and have a potentially large impact on Fund performance.


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Ex-dividend/Reinvest date Payable date Reinvest price () Ordinary income ()

  • Distributions are not guaranteed and are subject to change.

Sustainability-related Disclosures

Environmental or social characteristics of the financial product (Article 8)

The environmental and social characteristics of the product include the binding considerations of sustainability risks which may include; supply chain, data protection, pollution/hazardous waste policies, water usage, and climate change policies. The product is also bound to consider governance characteristics such as: shareholder rights, accounting standards, remuneration, and board structure.

Investment strategy

The Fund seeks to achieve its objective through a policy of investing primarily in a portfolio of equity securities of companies domiciled or listed in Europe, or which conduct the predominant part of their economic activity in Europe. When selecting investments for the strategy the investment manager seeks to invest in businesses which exhibit durable quality growth profiles and supportive accounting practices and environmental, social and governance (ESG) practices. The investment manager applies its ESG process (as set out in Methodology) to 100% of the portfolio. The Fund will maintain a portfolio ESG rating higher than that of the Fund’s investment universe.


The investment manager uses an established proprietary process to assess ESG factors/characteristics. These factors/characteristics are assessed both quantitatively and qualitatively, through its proprietary ESG rating system and its direct research and engagement process. The manager’s proprietary ESG ratings capture the forward-looking analysis with companies assigned a risk rating on each of Governance and Sustainability from 1 (low risk) to 5 (high risk) following consideration of Environment, Social affairs and Corporate Governance sustainability factors. Companies that have a Sustainability or Governance Risk rating of 4 or higher will not be included.

The Fund will not invest in companies which generate more than 5% of revenue from tobacco production, production of weapons including nuclear weapons, or direct involvement in extraction of fossil fuels. The Fund will not invest in companies generating revenue from mining of metals and minerals as defined by GICS sub-industries Diversified Metals and Mining, Copper, Gold and Precious Metals and Minerals. 

The Fund will not invest in companies involved in the production, sale or distribution of dedicated and key components of antipersonnel mines and cluster munitions. The Fund will not invest in companies that are assessed as ‘fail’ under the UN Global Compact. 

Data source(s) and processing (sustainability indicators)

A combination of internal and external sources is deployed:

  • Internal Scoring – Governance Risk rating and Sustainability Risk rating
  • Engagement activity and tracking – Environmental, Social or Governance topics and stages of engagement
  • External Data Metrics (e.g. MSCI) – Carbon footprint and ESG scoring
  • Other measures include carbon Intensity, SDG alignment and Carbon VAR.

Designated reference benchmark for Sustainability 

No index has been designated as a reference benchmark for sustainability


    This is a sub-fund of Legg Mason Global Funds plc ("LMGF plc"). LMGF is an open-ended investment company with variable capital, organised as an undertaking for collective investment in transferable securities ("UCITS").   LMGF is authorised in Ireland by the Central Bank of Ireland.

    Information has been prepared from sources believed reliable. It is not guaranteed in any way by any Franklin Resources, Inc. company or affiliate (together 'Franklin Templeton').

    Before investing investors should read in their entirety LMGF plc's application form and a fund's share class KIID and the Prospectus (which describe the investment objective, charges and expenses, and risk factors in full). These and other relevant documents are available under the Literature tab. Read them carefully before investing.