MiFID Funds Costs and Charges Information

If prospective investors and financial intermediaries are seeking information on the expected costs and charges when investing in our funds, please use the request form below to request for further information.

We are is required to provide this information under the requirements of MiFID II which came into force on 3rd January 2018.

The information we send will give a breakdown of the total costs and charges for the specific class(es) requested and will be based on expected charges. Charges shown will reflect a direct investment and will not include any fees or charges incurred when investing via an intermediary.

The costs and charges will be broken down into the following areas:

  • One-off charges
  • Ongoing charges
  • Costs relating to transaction costs
  • Any incidental costs, where relevant

If you would like to receive the European MiFID Template ("EMT") that covers general financial instrument, target market, distribution strategy and cost and charges information then please contact the MiFID implementation team at MiFIDIIDataRequestsCDEX@franklintempleton.com


MiFID Funds Costs and Charges Information

Please provide the following information in this email in order to receive this information:

     Fund Range: e.g. Legg Mason Global Funds
     Sub-Fund(s): e.g. Legg Mason Western Asset Macro Opportunities Bond Fund
     Share Class(es): e.g. Class A Accumulating; Class X Euro Distributing (M) (Hedged)
     ISIN code (if known)
     SEDOL (if known).

We aim to respond to your email enquiry within 2 working days.