Give Your Portfolio
a Genuinely Long-Term Focus


Long-Term Unconstrained –
Targeting Sustainable Returns for your Portfolio

Legg Mason Martin Currie Global Long Term Unconstrained Fund

A high-conviction portfolio consisting of strong companies from across the world, using proprietary and systematic fundamental research to target sustainable long-term outperformance of the market:   

  • Committed to find value-creating companies which consistently outperform (and are often undervalued by) the market.

  • Challenging traditional assumptions that returns of quality growth companies fade over time, identifying businesses which maintain returns beyond short-term forecast periods. 

  • The strategy is available as an Ireland Domiciled Fund and Investment Trust  for overseas investors only.

Philosophy and Process

To deliver long-term capital appreciation, the investment process is built around five key tenets: fundamental systematic research, proprietary data analytics, accounting expertise, stewardship leadership and, at the heart of the process, high-conviction, long-term investing.

Value-creating companies.

Idea generation process seeks to identify companies with a combination of sustainable growth and quality. 

Forward focused.

Research and portfolio construction are both guided by three long-term mega trends – demographic change, the future of technology and resource scarcity.

Concentrated portfolio.

Quality growth companies offering sustainable growth and resilience to economic uncertainty.

Long-term, high-conviction stable investing.

Minimises trading costs and maximises the effect of compounding high returns. 

Meet the Team

The long-term unconstrained (LTU) team combines experience of portfolio management, specialist sector research and accountancy to identify long-term value creation. Each team member has specific sector research areas and share responsibility for stock research, idea generation and analysis. 

Risk Management is Embedded at Every Stage of the Investment Process

  • Stock-focused risk management

    The managers want the primary driver of returns to be the strength of the underlying business models they invest in. Firms with a high and sustainable return on invested capital (ROIC) should provide the investor with attractive risk-adjusted returns. 

  • Diversified portfolio

    The managers ensure there are no unintended tilts towards country, sector or specific macro factor by using a correlation heatmap, style skyline and analysing factor sensitivities. 

  • Integrated investment risk

    The investment risk team is fully integrated into the investment process to improve visibility and understanding of portfolio positioning and behaviour. 

  • Independent governance

    Investment risk governance is independent of both the LTU and investment risk teams, ensuring client assets are managed with an appropriate level of risk to meet regulatory, client and internal expectations.  

  • Internal risk framework

    To ensure products are run in line with objectives, risk appetite, and in accordance with the stated investment process. The framework includes limits on exposures, risk metrics, and liquidity. 

  • Comprehensive risk reports and toolkits

    The two investment-risk teams work together to ensure that appropriate investment risk frameworks are in place and that comprehensive reporting and analytics are available to help understand all relevant aspects of risk within the LTU portfolios. 

Commitment to ESG

Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) analysis is deep-rooted into the investment process, forming an integral part of the assessment of risks and opportunities, alongside traditional financial considerations. 

ESG factors assessed where material and relevant include:

  • Governance factors such as board leadership, diversity & independence, management renumeration, shareholder rights, succession planning and accounting & audit standards.  

  • Environmental factors such as pollution, water usage, climate change, energy efficiency and resource management. Knowing how a company identifies and manages potential environmental issues provides transparency into how it is preparing for changes to regulation and disclosure requirements. 

  • Social factors such as data protection & privacy, equality & diversity, community relations, human capital management, product safety & liability, supply-chain management and human rights. How a company treats employees, customers and other stakeholders, can give valuable insight into its culture.

Company engagement is integral to the process. This is informed by proprietary research and ESG reviews, overseen by Martin Currie’s Head of Stewardship and ESG. 


Investment in company shares: The fund invests in shares of companies, and the value of these shares can be negatively affected by changes in the company, its industry or the economy in which it operates.

Geographical focus: This fund invests primarily in Europe, which means that it is more sensitive to local economic, market, political or regulatory events in Europe, and will be more affected by these events than other funds that invest in a broader range of regions.

Concentrated fund: The fund invests in fewer companies than other funds which invest in shares usually do. This means that the fund does not spread its risk as widely as other funds and will therefore be affected more if an individual company has significant losses.

Fund currency: Changes in exchange rates between the currencies of investments held by the fund and the fund's base currency may negatively affect the value of an investment and any income received from it.

Derivatives: The use of derivatives can result in greater fluctuations of the fund's value and may cause the fund to lose as much as or more than the amount invested.

Fund operations: The fund is subject to the risk of loss resulting from inadequate or failed internal processes, people or systems or those of third parties such as those responsible for the custody of its assets.

For further explanation on the risks associated with an investment in the fund, please refer to the section entitled "Risk Factors" in the prospectus.


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