Western Asset
A globally integrated fixed-income manager, sourcing ideas and investment solutions worldwide.
We are Dedicated to Active Fixed-Income Asset Management
We believe that by dedicating all of our resources to active fixed-income asset management we can provide superior investment results and service to our clients. We believe that active, value-driven investing can add significantly to returns and reduce portfolio volatility over a market cycle.
We are Globally Integrated
We think and act on a global basis. Diversity of knowledge and experience from specialists located throughout our eight global investment centers meaningfully broadens our opportunity set and improves our ability to diversify portfolios.
Risk Management is Fundamental to How We Manage Assets
We integrate risk management into our portfolio construction process, and independent risk managers continually monitor portfolio risk.
Western Asset Management Company (Western Asset) is affiliated with Legg Mason Investments (Ireland) Limited through common control and ownership by Legg Mason, Inc. Legg Mason Investments (Ireland) Limited provides its clients with access to Western Asset primarily through its UK and Ireland domiciled funds, in which Western Asset serves as investment manager.