RARE Infrastructure
Focused exclusively on global listed infrastructure. Established in 2006, RARE offers expertise across the infrastructure spectrum and aims to identify and invest in high-quality listed infrastructure assets with the goal of delivering strong absolute returns over an investment cycle.

Thought leaders in Listed Infrastructure.

RARE's Investment team is one of the largest in the peer group. Their singular focus creates long-term value for investors through their deep understanding and pricing of infrastructure-related risks. 
Considered Risk Management
Understanding and managing the relationship between risk and returns as it applies to infrastructure assets is interwoven throughout all aspects of RARE’s bottom-up investment process and approach to portfolio construction. 
A distinct view of infrastructure
RARE's proprietary investable universe include only core infrastructure securities. These companies own hard assets that are essential to society and have regulatory and/or contractual frameworks which provide stable and predictable cash flows.
Long term investment approach
RARE’s approach to company valuation mirrors that used by unlisted investors and centres around the belief that, over time, the underlying value of assets is reflected in long-term cash flows.
Legg Mason Asset Management Australia, as Responsible Entity, is the issuer of RARE Infrastructure’s Australian and New Zealand Pooled Funds.

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