CSR is Trending. We’ve Been There for Decades. 

By Patricia Lattin, Chief Human Resources Officer at Legg Mason

Everywhere you turn, corporate social responsibility (CSR) is top of everyone’s mind. More and more, investment management firms around the world are beginning to shift their focus to more responsible business practices that look beyond the bottom line. 

At Legg Mason, it’s been a top priority for decades.

Our dedication to environmental, social and governance (ESG) investing began more than thirty years ago, in 1987, when affiliate ClearBridge Investments created a program specific to ESG investing. Since then, we have continued to push the boundaries with more responsible corporate practices, from sustainability-driven overhauls of our workplaces (18.5 million pages of paper saved and counting) to engagement drives in our local communities (hundreds of hours volunteered this year alone). 

To that end, we’ve also steadily increased our financial commitment to ESG investing— by the close of fiscal year 2019, nearly $300 billion (more than 40%) of our long-term assets under management were invested in strategies that utelize ESG factors. In 2018, we also added our first Chief Diversity Officer, Regina Curry, to ensure our workplace is both diverse and inclusive of everyone. 

We expanded our focus of CSR this year even further, encompassing six different dimensions. This dedication is the umbrella framework that connects, aligns and advances our work. The platform is directly aligned with our mission of Investing to Improve Lives™.

Our commitment is the foundation on which we base our responsibilities to our employees and the communities in which we live and work. We know that the best way to accomplish our goals is to build relationships with diverse stakeholder groups because the only way we can succeed over the long term is by working together.

At Legg Mason, we believe that good business is about much more than profits—it's about people. 

Read our recent press release, and see the full report here.

Patricia Lattin is the Chief Human Resources Officer at Legg Mason. Her opinions are not meant to be viewed as investment advice or a solicitation for investment.

Patricia Lattin, Chief Human Resources Officer, Legg Mason

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