Our Investment Solutions

At Legg Mason, our investment affiliates are committed to generating superior, long-term returns for institutions of all types. Each affiliate follows a distinctive, yet disciplined approach that delivers specialized investment expertise tailored to the needs of different institutions. The investment and client service teams at our affiliates work directly with their clients and consultants to develop managed account solutions that deliver on specific investment mandates, within established guidelines and risk parameters. All our affiliates communicate their investment processes, portfolio activity and performance management with a high degree of transparency that meets the selective requirements of institutional investors.


Our affiliates work with a wide range of financial institutions of all sizes worldwide, including commercial banks, central banks and savings institutions. With worldwide reach and deep experience in global markets, our affiliates understand the complex regulatory environments in which banking institutions operate and the challenges they face.


Our affiliates work closely with corporate officers and investment committees to deliver unique solutions on investment mandates such as pension plans, as well as liquidity needs, that deliver results for some of the largest multi-national corporations.



In collaboration with institutional consultants and the manager research community, including field consultants, directors of research and research analysts, across both US and non-US markets, our affiliates provide thorough reviews of investment capabilities, product offerings and performance, as well as access to the intellectual capital of their respective firms via
portfolio manager outreach.

Endowments and Foundations

Legg Mason affiliates deliver a full suite of investment products and services tailored to the unique investment goals of mission-oriented institutions. Our clients represent a range of foundations and endowments who seek superior investment performance that are aligned with their distinctive principles and values.



Combining specialized investment knowledge, experience in managing institutional client portfolios and responsive client support services, our affiliates provide sub-advisory clients with the tools necessary to succeed in a highly competitive marketplace.  As experienced partners, our teams deliver strong, risk-adjusted investment results, along with sophisticated support programs including wholesaling, marketing and product development.

Public Institutions

Our affiliates serve clients ranging from US-based municipalities and states to non-US government ministries and agencies. These clients share many common requirements, including highly customized solutions, rigorous investment discipline and strict risk controls. Our investment teams have long experience in serving the needs of public institutions for on-going transparency and performance management.

Sovereign Wealth

With the global scale of our affiliates, we are able to provide sovereign wealth funds with a range of investment solutions that span asset classes, provide appropriate diversification and offer structured offerings, reflecting the unique needs of governments to generate long-term capital growth. 

Union & Taft-Hartley

Legg Mason affiliates offer diversified and deep experience meeting investment objectives within client guidelines working with large and small unions and Taft-Hartley plans. Innovative solutions for unions cover pension plans as well as other investment vehicles, across all asset classes.