Our Investment Solutions

While each of our affiliates pursues unique and independent investment strategies, all share a team-based approach, a disciplined process and commitment to client service. Our wide range of investment strategies are customized to the needs and preferences of our institutional clients for fixed income, equities, liquidity, alternatives and mutual funds with innovative, cutting-edge offerings such as liability-driven investments, absolute return strategies and portable alpha.

Mutual Funds, Closed-end Funds, Retail SMAs, Variable Investments

United States
The Legg Mason Institutional Investors site offers products from the breadth of our asset managers. Mutual funds, closed-end funds, retail SMAs, and variable investments are available.

Royce & Associates offers its own mutual funds directly to institutional investors in the US.

United Kingdom

Our UK based fund range, known as Legg Mason Funds ICVC, brings together a collection of funds covering fixed income and equity markets around the world.

Socially Responsible Investing

Through their Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) program, ClearBridge Investments offers customized solutions to institutional and individual investors who wish to have their portfolios managed in accordance with their social investment policy guidelines

For more information on CBI ESG

For more information on Legg Mason’s Sustainability policy

 ClearBridge Socially Aware Investment Program


All product categories listed above are offered by Legg Mason Investor Services (LMIS), LLC, not Legg Mason, Inc.


Separate Accounts

Separate Accounts are available for institutional investors interested in individual securities purchased in a separate custodial account pursuant to a customized investment management agreement and investment guidelines. Minimum investments vary by strategy.

Fixed Income

Our fixed income strategies cover a range of sectors, geographies, rate exposure, durations and credit qualities. We tailor portfolio solutions to meet specific client risk/return profiles and defined investment objectives. Our diversity of taxable and tax-advantaged strategies allows us to add value in all market environments.


We offer a variety of traditional and innovative equity strategies that span a wide spectrum of investment styles, regions, sectors and market capitalizations. Many of our equity managers are recognized as pioneers and innovators in specific areas of expertise such as small cap, intrinsic value and quantitative analysis.


We provide institutional clients with a wide variety of liquidity and enhanced liquidity mandates customized to their unique portfolio needs. Our leadership in this category derives from a conservative philosophy that emphasizes active team management, careful sector allocation and security selection, and outstanding client service. Our product offerings include US and offshore money market funds as well as customized separate accounts.


We offer investment opportunities in directional and absolute return strategies across global financial markets by providing access to independent investment managers worldwide through multi-manager and single manager funds, separate accounts, and participation in structured products. Our value added is derived from well-honed manager selection and risk management processes, our creative product engineering and ongoing asset allocation combined with a top down world view. Core strategies include Long/Short, Global Macro, Event Driven, and Fixed Income Trading.

Customized Solutions

Through our affiliate, QS Investors, we facilitate innovative solutions for specific client objectives through a consultative approach, taking into account investor behavior in designing strategies that dynamically respond to the current market environment.