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Brandywine Global
Bond benchmarks can have their own risks; better to focus on the real issues, says Brandywine's David Hoffman.
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Western Asset's John Bellows on why long-term and short-term rates may follow different tracks.
ClearBridge Co-CIO Scott Glasser on the need to understand the risks that lie behind investment returns.
Royce & Associates
Royce co-CIO Frank Gannon on why active management is particularly relevant in the small cap market now.
Permal co-CIO Robert Kaplan on the danger of complacency and potential for an uptick in volatility.
Western Asset CIO Ken Leech on the need to accept higher levels of risk to gain higher yields now
QS Investors
QS Investors CIO Rosemary Macedo on seeking lower volatility by weighting stocks differently than in major indexes.
Brandywine Global
Brandywine Global Co-CIO David Hoffman on the value of giving investment managers enough time to let their strategies come to fruition.
Brandywine Global
Global bond Portfolio Manager Regina Borromeo on potential underpricing in the areas of High Yield, European mortgages, Emerging Markets debt.
Western Asset's Michael Buchanan on the surprising outlook for rates
Western Asset's Donald Plotsky on the role of unconstrained strategies

Which Asian country will have the strongest growth in the coming year?


Which Asian country will have the strongest growth in the coming year?

Japan, as Shinzo Abe's policy initiatives take hold
India, as Narendra Modi's new government enacts changes
China, as Xi Jinping's reforms promote a stronger financial sector
South Korea, as President Park Geun-hye's plan to boost growth bears fruit

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Go for growth: Where will a global recovery be strongest this year?

Europe, as countries emerge from bailouts
US, as consumers regain optimism
Japan, as stimulus programs begin to bear fruit
China, as reform and pro-growth policies continue