Board of Directors

Harold L. Adams
Chairman Emeritus,
RTKL Associates, Inc.

Robert E. Angelica
Private Investor;
Former Chairman and CEO,
AT&T Investment Management Corporation
(Chairman of Risk Committee)

John T. Cahill
Executive Chairman,
Kraft Foods Group, Inc.

Carol Anthony "John" Davidson
Private Investor, Former Controller and Chief Accounting Officer,
Tyco International, Ltd.

Barry W. Huff
Retired Vice Chairman, Deloitte
(Chairman of Audit Committee)

Dennis M. Kass
Private Investor; Retired CEO
Jennison Associates (Chairman of the Board)

John E. Koerner III
Managing Member,
Koerner Capital, LLC

Cheryl Gordon Krongard
Private Investor; Former CEO,
Rothschild Asset Management
(Chair of Compensation Committee)

John V. Murphy
Former CEO
OppenheimerFunds Inc.

John H. Myers
Senior Advisor, Gordon & Co.
Former CEO, GE Asset Management

Nelson Peltz
Chief Executive Officer and Founding Partner,
Trian Fund Management, L.P.
(Chairman of Nominating & Corporate Governance Committee)

W. Allen Reed
Private Investor; Retired CEO,
GM Asset Management Corporation
(Chairman of Finance Committee)

Margaret Milner Richardson
Private Consultant and Investor;
Former U.S. Commissioner of Internal Revenue

Kurt L. Schmoke
Vice President, General Counsel, Howard University;
Former Mayor of Baltimore

Joseph A. Sullivan
Chairman and CEO
Legg Mason, Inc.


Audit Committee

  • Barry Huff, Chairman
  • Robert E. Angelica
  • John T. Cahill
  • Carol Anthony "John" Davidson
  • Cheryl Gordon Krongard
  • John V. Murphy
  • Margaret Milner Richardson

  • Audit Committee Charter (PDF)

Nominating & Corporate Governance Committee

  • Nelson Peltz, Chairman
  • Harold L. Adams
  • Dennis M. Kass
  • John E. Koerner III
  • John H. Myers
  • W. Allen Reed
  • Kurt L. Schmoke


Compensation Committee

  • Cheryl Gordon Krongard, Chair
  • Harold L. Adams
  • Dennis M. Kass
  • John V. Murphy
  • Kurt L. Schmoke

Compensation Committee Charter (PDF)

Risk Committee

  • Robert E. Angelica, Chairman
  • Carol Anthony "John" Davidson
  • Barry W. Huff
  • John E. Koerner III
  • John H. Myers
  • W. Allen Reed
  • Margaret Milner Richardson

  • Risk Committee Charter(PDF)

Finance Committee

  • W. Allen Reed, Chairman
  • John T. Cahill
  • Barry W. Huff
  • Dennis M. Kass
  • Nelson Peltz
  • Joseph A. Sullivan

  • Finance Committee Charter(PDF)